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Bust of Amangeldy Imanov (1873-1919)

is a monument to Amangeldy Imanov, an active participant in the struggle for Soviet power in Kazakhstan in 1917 – 1919.

Amangeldy Imanov, Kazakh national hero, leader of the national liberation uprising of 1916 in Turgay region. An active participant in the struggle for the victory and consolidation of Soviet power in Kazakhstan in 1917 – 1919. A member of the Communist Party since 1918 was born in village No. 3 of the Kaidaulsky volost of Turgai county. In his youth, a farmhand, then a blacksmith. A sharpshooter, an excellent rider, an energetic, free–loving batyr in 1905 - 1907. He participated in anti-government protests, was persecuted by village bosses and tsarist officials and had to hide in remote villages of the Turgai steppe. In 1916, Amangeldy Imanov led an uprising against tsarism.


In October 1917 – January 1918, he actively participated in the establishment of Soviet power in Turgai and in the Turgai region and was a military commissar of Turgai county.