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Костанайский областной историко-краеведческий музей

Kostanay regional museum of local lore

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Information about Kostanay region

Kostanay region was established on July 29, 1936. The territory of the region is 196.0 thousand km2, the population as of 01.09.2020 is 866.5 thousand people.

The natural landscapes of the region are beautiful and diverse: forest-steppes, steppes, semi-deserts and deserts. There are about 5 thousand lakes in the region, which makes up a third of all the lakes in Kazakhstan. The pearl of Kostanay region is rightfully called the Naurzum State Nature Reserve with its pristine steppe and unique island pine forests. The vast waters of the reserve, included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, provide the necessary living space for Asia's largest population of wetland birds. The nature of the Torgai steppes, which are part of the Altyn Dala Nature Reserve, is surprisingly picturesque and not subject to anthropogenic influence. The paradise for ornithologists is the Zharsor – Urkash State Nature Reserve.  Rock outcrops on the Ashutasti River with exotic geological objects (spherical lavas, gypsum roses, giant single crystals) are of particular interest to nature-loving tourists.

Kostanay region has a rich potential of national and cultural heritage, there are 1141 historical and cultural monuments, 38 sacred and memorable objects on its territory.

This is the sacred land of many glorious events of Kazakh history, the birthplace of the famous sons of Kazakhstan – wise biys and mighty batyrs. The talented military commander, hero of battles with juggars Shakshak Zhanibek Koshkaruly was the first among the noble Kazakhs to receive the honorary title of tarkhan. The main military operations of the national liberation uprising of Kenesary Khan took place on Kostanay land. Here in 1916 the brave batyrs Amangeldy Imanov and Keiki-batyr fought for freedom and happiness of their native people.

The great scientist and traveler Chokan Valikhanov, the inspired educator Ibrai Altynsarin gained worldwide fame. Outstanding public and political figures Akhmet Baitursynov and Mirzhakyp Dulatov stood at the origins of the Kazakh sovereign state. The founders of the national theatrical art were our countrymen - Yelyubai Umurzakov, Seraly Kozhamkulov, Kapan Badyrov. The first Kazakh sculptor, People's Artist of Kazakhstan Khakimzhan Nauryzbayev and Kazakh composers Bakhytzhan Baykadamov, Ablahat Espayev also come from our region. Our fellow countrymen are Spandiyar Kubeev, Mukhamedzhan Seralin, Beimbet Maylin, Mariam Khakimzhanova, Syrbai Maulenov, Gafu Kairbekov, etc. they made a significant contribution to the development of Kazakh literature.

By nature itself and the hard work of many generations, the Kostanay region was given to become an outpost of animal husbandry in the north of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the breadbasket of the vast Eurasian continent.  The third part of the export of Kazakh wheat supplied to dozens of countries of the world is the golden grain of our region.

Kostanay land is a unique storehouse of minerals: iron and gold-bearing ores, chrysotile asbestos, bauxite, titanium, nickel, zinc, coal, building materials, facing and ornamental stones. The leading positions in the industrial production of Kazakhstan are occupied by Kostanay Minerals JSC, SSGPO JSC, Kazogneupor LLP, Agromashholding JSC, SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP, Bayan-Sulu JSC.