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Алтынсарин көш. 115

Monument to "Kostanay citizens who died during the Civil War"

In the early 1990s, a monument to "Kostanay citizens who died during the Civil War" was erected in Victory Park near the mass graves of rebels executed in 1919. The monument was created by sculptors I.M. Bolshanin and L.P. Belousov.

In 1998, due to the difficult financial situation and the inability to ensure proper protection of the park, there was a threat to the safety of the bronze cladding of this monument. At the initiative of the administration of the Delicious Life restaurant, the monument was moved to their courtyard to the "Wall of Execution" in order to preserve it. The location of the historical monument in the immediate vicinity of the summer cafe of the restaurant did not correspond to the original project of the museum complex and caused a lot of complaints from Kostanay residents.

In 2005, the monument was separated from the courtyard of the restaurant by a brick wall, an arched entrance was cut from the courtyard of the museum. In 2009, the yard was reconstructed and a Historical park was created as part of the territory of the "Open–air Museum" of the Kostanay Regional Museum of Local Lore.

Description of the monument

Dating of the monument: the 1980s.

Location: Kostanay city, Altynsarina street, 115.

The monument occupies a central place in the Historical Park of the museum, installed along a brick wall adjacent to the "Wall of Execution" on the left side.

The monument is a sculptural group of three figures of Red Army soldiers depicted in full height. A little forward stands the figure of the commander, behind him are two fighters. The soldiers hold hands, which symbolizes the solidarity and unity of the fighters of the revolution, even in the face of death. The height of the figures is 2 m . The monument and the pedestal are lined with copper.