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Monument to Kazybek biy (1659 – 1765)

fair bey, a brave and courageous batyr.

Kazakh Khan Tauke appointed Kazybek the chief bey of the Middle Zhuz of the Kazakhs. For a long time Kazybek was one of the influential members of Kazybek Keldibekuly (1667 - 1764, according to other sources 1665 - 1765) was a public and statesman, biy of the Middle Zhuz, adviser to the Khan of Tauke, a skilled orator (sheshen). He came from the subgenus of Argyns-Karakeseks of the Middle Zhuz, bolatkozha. He was born on the banks of the Syr Darya River. The preserved oral folk traditions, samples of Kazybek's oratorical creations indicate that he was a deeply educated man of his time, who knew folk folklore, traditions, customs, laws of his ancestors perfectly. He was a wise and the khan's council under Tauk, after whose death he also took an active part in the political life of the country, remained an adviser on foreign and domestic policy under khans Samek, Abilmambet, Abylai.

Together with biy Tole, Aiteke and others, he fought for the strengthening of the Kazakh Khanate by uniting disparate Kazakh clans and tribes under the rule of Tauke Khan, for an alliance with fraternal Kara-Kalpak and Kyrgyz tribes. On behalf of Tauke Khan, together with Tole biy from the Elder juz, Aiteke biy from the Younger juz participated in the creation of the code of laws of Tauke Khan "Zhety Jargy".

The monument to Kazybek biy was inaugurated in 2007, installed in front of the Kostanay City Court. Sculptor: Bayan Batalova - member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Description of the monument

The dating of the monument is 2007 .

Location, address: Kostanay, Pushkin str., 100/1

The bust of Kazybek bi with a height of 1 m. 20 cm is made of bronze and mounted on a rectangular pedestal made of concrete, lined with white marble. The judge is depicted in national dress, holding a scroll in his left hand - a code of laws.

In the upper part of the pedestal on a marble plaque there is a memorial inscription in the state language with the name and years of life of Kazybek bi. The dimensions of the pedestal in cross section are 2 x 2 m. The height of the pedestal is 1m 80 cm. The base of the pedestal is made of concrete, lined with granite. The area around the monument is paved with paving stones.

The total height of the monument is 3.5 m. Material: bronze, concrete, marble.