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Memorial "To those who died during the Great Patriotic War"

In 1968, a memorial monument to those who died during the Second World War was inaugurated in Victory Park. It was made by local sculptors Leonid Prokopevich and Muse Alexandrovna Belousov.  On the same day, the Eternal Flame was lit.

In 1975, the memorial was reconstructed (plates with the names of the residents of Kostanay who died at the front were added).

In 2014, repairs were carried out to replace granite facing slabs, the torch of the Eternal Flame, and the paving stones on the square in front of the memorial were updated. New names of heroes have been added to the Memory Wall.

Description of the monument

The dating of the monument is 1975 .

Location, address: Kostanay, Victory Park

The memorial "To those who died during the Great Patriotic War" is a majestic sculpture of a soldier holding a lowered machine gun in his right hand and a laurel branch in his outstretched left hand. The laurel symbolizes victory and reconciliation, i.e. the end of the war. The total height of the figure is 7 m. 40 cm . The sculpture, made of high quality cement, marble chips, duralumin, is mounted on a three-stage pedestal lined with granite slabs.

Behind the figure of the soldier there is a memorial wall (length – 18 m, width – 5 m), on which marble tiles with the names of the fallen soldiers-Kustanais are installed.

A star with an eternal flame is placed in front of the sculpture of the victorious warrior on the square. The stylobate is rectangular, two-stage, paved with paving stones.