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Костанайский областной историко-краеведческий музей

Kostanay regional museum of local lore

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Historical and cultural monuments of the city of Kostanay of local significance

Monument to A. Baitursynov (1873 – 1937)

Akhmet Baitursynov is a great son of the Kazakh people, spiritual leader of the nation, outstanding educator, Turkologist, linguist, reformer of the spelling of the Kazakh language, creator of the first Kazakh textbooks, poet, publicist, founder of the first national…

Monument to B. Mailin (1894 – 1939

Mailin Beimbet (Bimukhamet) Zharmagambetovich is a writer, playwright, one of the founders of Kazakh literature, was born on November 15, 1894 in Taranovsky district. He studied at the madrasah (1911-1912), at the Uazifa school in Troitsk (1913), at the Galiya…

Residential building (Administrative and Economic Service of A. Baitursynov KSU)

An element of the historical development of the city of Kostanay at the beginning of the XX century. An example of the use of eclecticism in architecture at the beginning of the century, with a combination of classical techniques. The…

Merchant Kiyatkin's House (Construction Department of Kostanay Akimat)

A monument of residential architecture of Kazakhstan of the pre-revolutionary period. A sample of Art Nouveau beginning . XX century.  The author, the builder are unknown. The building is one of the unique monuments of civil architecture of the early…

Residential building

A valuable element of the historical development of Kostanay beginning . XX century. The architectural monument is an example of eclecticism using the techniques of classicism. The house belongs to the merchant Glotov. After the establishment of Soviet power, he…